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The comfort and care your pet needs!

When we have puppies at home or when we receive a new companion, the chances of them not adapting or feeling alone are very high. We worry about giving all the necessary comfort because we know how much they suffer during this period.

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Your pet will never feel alone again!

With the Anti-stress Stuffed Animal Pet, in addition to your pet having the company of a cute and friendly bear, he has the sensation that this bear is real, due to the vibrations that imitate the heartbeat.

The Anti-stress stuffed animal pet is different...

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The stuffed animal has a device that, when turned on inside the bear, imitates the vibrations of the heartbeat, making your pet think it is a real animal.

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Soft and comfortable

The stuffed animal's fabric is extremely soft, allowing your pet to use it to snuggle and rest.

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Just remove the heartbeat device, and the stuffed animal can be washed normally.

What they are saying

I bought it for the puppy I adopted because he was not adapting to the house and feeling very lonely. He loved it, he hugs and plays with the stuffed animal all the time. (5.0)

Lauren P.


The heartbeats seem real even, my dogs loved them, they play with the stuffed animal all the time.

Tina C.


My dog was a little afraid at first and resisted a lot, but now he has already gotten used to it and even sleeps with the stuffed animal. The product is very good. (4.5)

Idina B.


Frequently Asked Questions

The stuffed animal measures 18cm x 20cm x 35 cm.

No. The device requires two batteries to work. The batteries are not included.

Yes, just remove the device from inside the stuffed animal and you can wash the fabric normally.


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Worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide with insurance and online tracking code.


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30 days guarantee 

30 days money back guarantee.

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Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process.

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